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Decree on the Means of Social Communication (Inter Mirifica) expresses essential concern of the second Vatican Council to enjoin upon all Catholics the importance of using social media responsibly, for the common good, and to enhance the apostolic ministry of the Church. The commission takes care that the principles of the moral order must be applied to the media as elsewhere. Also there is an urgent need to make apostolic use of all the means of social communication. The Council recommends appropriate training among Catholics for the apostolic use of the media. The apostolic use of the media “should excel by technical perfection and by effectiveness” (IM 14) and at the same time, appropriate training must not be merely technical; it must include “a complete formation, imbued with the Christian spirit and especially with the Church’s social teaching” (IM 15). The Church desires that the media, like salt and light, add savour to the earth and light to the world. (IM 24)
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