Property commission

This commission was formed on 29th June 2020 with the Blessing of H E Mar Joseph Srampickal.  Eparchial Property Commission works under 3 sub-commissions named as Property, Grants and funds, and Territorial boundary of Parishes and Mission. Very Rev Dr Antony Chundelikkat is the Chair of CSMEGB Property Commission.  The committee elected Mr Joseph Cherian as secretary, Mr Joy Matthew as the lead of the property sub-commission, Mr Joy Earath as the lead of Grands and Funds and Mr Joji Matthew as the lead of Territorial Boundary of Parishes and Mission. There are 18 members in the Executive Committee and the Committee meets once a month and makes decisions about Property related matters of CSMEGB. Property Commission works very closely with the Eparchial Finance Council.

The main responsibilities of property commission include:

  • Advising Eparchial Curia in the matter of finding new properties, their location, size and purposes

  • Drafting guidelines about property acquisition

  • Help with finding vacant buildings, and low-cost properties for sale or lease including that of the church/congregation

  • Advise on the expenditure and maintenance of existing Eparchial properties  

 The main responsibilities of Grands and Funds include:

  • Search for any local/national available grands that are entitled for church

  • Organise and give guidelines about fundraising

  • Find out voluntary workers to support the activities of the commission.

The main responsibilities of Territorial Boundaries include:

  • To help local parishes and missions determine the territorial boundaries by giving guidelines. 

For more details about the CSMEGB Property Commission please contact     

Very Rev Dr Antony Chundelikkat Mob: 07478273948 Email:

Rev Fr Fanzwa Pathil Mob: 07309049040

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