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The mission of the choir is to support the efforts of the faithful for the active participation in the Liturgy. The Sacred Music is a significant part and parcel of Sacred Liturgy. The holiness of the sacred music in the liturgy is weighed in proportion to its closeness with the liturgical action. The commission for the Liturgical Music & Choir in the Eparchy of Great Britain proposes to form a diocesan choir to avail the same for the liturgical celebrations conducted during the common functions of the diocese. The choir members will be trained to sing those songs approved by the Synod and given in the liturgical texts during the respective liturgical celebrations. The ministry of choir members will be decisive in the liturgical celebrations. In this ministry of angels let all especially the youngsters join together for the glorification of God and the sanctification of the faithful.

Commission Chairman: Rev Fr Prajil Pandaraparambil
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