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Savio friends of Great Britain helps to lead small children to the love of God and guide them in their spiritual growth. From childhood itself they must get proper training to become great and saintly personalities. St. Dominic Savio is the heavenly patron of Savio Friends of Great Britain. Trained animators and other office-bearers guide the children to achieve their goal. They will be elected or nominated in the coming months across the Diocese from catechism teachers, parents and children. The constitution of Savio friends spells out a structure and a clear mission and vision. The scope of the SFGB is to form the children as little missionaries in their living circumstances in Europe by learning and practising the Word of God and worthily celebrating the Sacraments in the model of St. Dominic Savio.

Commission Chairman: Rev Fr Ajoob Thottananiyil
Contact Number: 07747 241175
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