The Coast-to-Coast Rosary is a lay-inspired initiative, which is calling Catholics and all people of good will to join together in this act of prayer for the nations. Sunday, April 29th, everyone is invited to Pilgrimage to the Coast, for Rosary on the Coast at 3pm. The focus will be praying for the spiritual well-being of our nations.The Rosary on the Coast is going to be a historic event in the life of the Church in Britain. It's an initiative by the Walsingham National Shrine to pray for Faith, Life and Peace in the British Isles. Mar Joseph Srampickal will be leading the Rosary in Portsmouth (The Rose Gardens, Portsmouth, South Sea, PO4 9RU) on Sunday April 29th Sunday at 3pm. Find your nearest location here: If you can't attend, please say the Rosary wherever you are.